A photo taken on May 3, 2019 shows Guangdong Dongguan celebrating during the trophy ceremony after the 4th round game between Guangdong Dongguan and Xinjiang Guanghui at the 2018-2019 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) finals in Urumqi, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, on May 3, 2019. Guangdong Dongguan won 103-98… Continue Reading No pay cut yet for CBA giants Guangdong, says head coach Du

  Jeremy Lin (2nd R) of Beijing Ducks breaks through during the semifinal match between Beijing Ducks and Guangdong Southern Tigers at the 2019-2020 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, Aug. 3, 2020. (Xinhua/Li Ziheng) Defending champions the Guangdong Southern Tigers came back from 19 points… Continue Reading Guangdong edges Beijing in overtime for 1-0 in CBA semifinals_0

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has issued a warning to Liaoning Flying Leopards guard Guo Ailun for violating COVID-19 containment measures. CBA revealed that on Sunday morning, Liaoning’s manager, players and Xinjiang Flying Tigers staff, all with green credentials, were permitted to see off Liaoning’s departing head coach Guo Shiqiang… Continue Reading CBA warns Liaoning guard Guo for breach of anti-virus measures

The club have been working closely with our charitable arm MFC Foundation to support the region in this period of uncertainty, delivering packages and meals, supporting our health workers and reaching out to the most vulnerable in our community. While applauding the work of all the EFL clubs in unprecedented… Continue Reading Boro have been highlighted for our work in the Teesside community during the COVID-19 pandemic by EFL chief Rick Parry.

A club statement has been issued regarding the Gillingham Ladies senior team. In line with other measures taken, or in the process of being taken due to current circumstances, and in regards to the restructuring of the football club, it is with great regret we have decided to no longer… Continue Reading Club Statement | Gillingham Ladies Senior Team

Middlesbrough Football Club can confirm that we returned no positive results from the latest round of testing. A full statement from the EFL follows below. CHAMPIONSHIP Following the latest round of COVID-19 testing, the EFL can confirm that 1179 players and club staff from the 24 Championship clubs were tested… Continue Reading EFL Statement: Latest COVID-19 Test Results

只要我记得,我就一直爱着圣基尔达足球俱乐部。 我记得几乎所有有关我被录取的第一场比赛以及被录取为会员的那一天的事。它是在1998年的MCG比赛中对阵阿德莱德。 对于7岁的孩子来说,一场夜间游戏非常令人兴奋,因为这意味着睡觉后要在外面,而这些标志性灯塔的耀眼使我着迷。 太好了,爸爸让我吃了热炸薯条,更令人兴奋的是,当他注意到我的眼睛在他周围睁大时,把我领到了货车上。 他说,我可以拥有我想要的东西,我仍然拥有20美元的旗帜,它是如此之薄,以至于您可以看穿它,将其固定在弱化的木杆上的松紧带在一点点的作用下就会分解。 这是我最珍贵的圣基尔达财产。 从第一天起,我就迷上了-人群的射击和吼叫,当我们充满活力的中场之一在50杆内冲刺时的应许。 当要求举行控球决定时,我是完美的模仿者。我从没被教过嘲讽或嘘声。我被教导要拥抱高潮。教会我如何应对低谷-当时,它们经常来。 对我来说,圣基尔达足球俱乐部不只是一支橄榄球队。 这意味着家庭,联系和热情。 我非常关心这个俱乐部,因为我关心这个俱乐部的传统,历史和感伤感,这不仅对我来说,而且对其他圣徒球迷的健全军团也意味着。 作为圣基尔达队的支持者,很难形容其他俱乐部的球迷。 考虑到非常寂寞的’66英超联赛杯在默拉宾(Moorabbin)的位置上闪耀,很容易想到传统的成功概念,但是成为圣基尔达(St Kilda)的支持者比这更重要。 Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption says that „hope is a good thing, maybe even the best of things, and good things never die“. I believe this quote encapsulates the passion of the St Kilda fan; the fan… Continue Reading From the Faithful: Es muss Fußball geben

Major League Soccer’s primary transfer window for 2020 was set to close on May 7 before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the market to shutter prematurely back in March. This turn of events will probably make the eventual secondary transfer window a wild scene, but it kept clubs from… Continue Reading The top primary transfer window deadline-day player acquisitions

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Chattanooga FC associate head coach Peter Fuller gives instructions to Joao Costa during a home match against Detroit City on Oct. 5. As the landscape of professional soccer in the United States continues to change, the Chattanooga Football Club is ready to make the… Continue Reading Chattanooga Football Club excited to join the National Independent Soccer Association