September 17 News recently,Juventus defender Danilo accepted an interview with FIFA,Talked about his views on Ronaldo, Pirlo, Neymar and others. How Zidane and Guardiola work “Their working methods are completely different,But the experience of playing under them has had a positive impact on my growth.Zidane is calm, sincere, and charming.He makes… Continue Reading Danilo: Cristiano Ronaldo is friendly,Frequently concerned about Brazil’s epidemic prevention situation during the epidemic

  What is the value of a Norwich player?Norwich has always been in the Premier League and League One.But it’s been almost 5 years since the 15/16 season that I returned to the Premier League.In this season, Norwich almost defeated the Reds with the prestige of promotionLiverpool,But now it is ranked… Continue Reading What is the worth of a Norwich player?What happened to Norwich’s relegation?

The Chelsea goalkeeper is currently Kepa,The second door is Caballero,The three is Jamie,Chelsea is currently ranked fourth in the Premier League.But in many games, the forward midfielder contributed slightly more.The Chelsea goalkeeper’s average conceded this season has reached 1.5.This is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the giants.Although the Premier League… Continue Reading Who is the Chelsea goalkeeper?Why did the Chelsea goalkeeper refuse to leave?

News on August 22 Liverpool is about to usher in a warm-up match with Stuttgart,Before the warm-up match begins,Liverpool coach Klopp accepted an interview on the club’s official website.Klopp said in an interview,This time is very important for Liverpool,Because the team can now fully focus on training.Klopp also stated that Stuttgart… Continue Reading Klopp: Stuttgart is one of the favorite German teams.Co-training time is very important

September 7 News Spanish defender Eric Garcia was interviewed by TVE after the match against Ukraine “Yes,Very happy,This is my dream,And also be able to win,This is even more perfect.Over the past few years, I have been watching the games of players like Ramos on TV.Can replace him today,It makes me… Continue Reading Eric Garcia: Manchester City and I will not renew our contract,May be exciting next summer

September 1 News Spanish defender Jesús Navas participated in today’s national team press conference, About your new teammate Oscar Rodriguez,He was also selected for this national team training,What kind of words and suggestions do you have for him? I think this is good news,Whether for Spain or for Seville,I also hope… Continue Reading Future teammate announcement!Navas: Rakitic’s return to Seville is a good thing

News on July 22 recently,Former England player Gerrard was interviewed by the media,In the interview, he claimed that the golden generation of England at the beginning of the 21st century failed to meet a tough coach to coach. In the early 21st century, the England national team was full of stars,Terry,… Continue Reading Gerrard: I am sorry for the national team,There was no strong enough coach to coach

News on August 29 recently,In the new documentary „Liverpool: 30 Years of Waiting“ filmed by the BBC for Liverpool, Salah described the team’s history of winning the championship and the changes in mood within the team.The documentary will be broadcast on Sunday night local time. Talk about the beginning of the… Continue Reading Salah: I heard that the team was panicking about canceling the season.19 years of Champions League pressure

News on August 28 Through my Instagram,James‘ best friend Jorge Pineda Published an open letter,Which seems to imply that Hames is about to make a transfer decision. “It’s about respect for a person,He represents a lot in my life,I want to tell a story between us here: from our acquaintance to today,Since… Continue Reading Friends suspected of confirming Hames transfer: I hope you are happy no matter what decision you make_